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Under The Stage




Kranj concert (24.11.2006):

It was 8:00 when Tide took the stage and warmed us up pretty well before the performance of Siddharta. There was a 15-minute delay but it was all paid off with the good two-hour performance. 26 songs that had us jumping with excitement.They kicked it off with Mr.Q, which took us far away from it all. We walked the Path at X (Pot v X), stopped a while at Plastika to ponder on how much of the world is in fact not a lie, we drank the energy of Napoj (Insane) and Klinik (Go Easy). Then we allowed ourselves be warmed by the energetic Ohm, followerd by the magnificent T.H.O.R., at which I could not but admire the lighting. Next up was Domine and then Neznano to slow us down a bit. Neznano with an echo. This was the first time for me to notice it. It sounds great!
Platina (Under Venus) followed... "Kranj, take the first stanza!" A "newer song" came on next, Homo Carnula. B Mashina was a full blast and Disco Deluxe was not far behind, then followed by Rooskie and Brezokoff, which were linked together onderfully. The pace slowed down again in "a song we all knew" – Samo Edini, partly sung by us, the crowd, just like Platina (Under Venus) earlier. Neon was definitely the night's surprise. My favourite song from Petrolea, Il A Modras followed and then Ring, at which Tomi really outdid himself – I couldn't believe how loud singing could get even louder – and Rave, finishing off the first part of the concert with Male Roke.The encore offered five more songs, going dizzy from the height in Od Višine Se Zvrti for starters, moving on to Apokalipsa and then Gnan. As all good things eventually come to an end, the night's ending began with the sexy Tria and for the final finish it was Na Soncu. The guys were in a great mood and really relaxed. We even got to see Primož's dance steps at Gnan! And the hall was full of positive energy. After the concert we stopped backstage to give the guys a present but then moved aside for a chat. We gave one another a silent promise to meet again soon at a concert. (text by Karin, translation by Nika)

Velenje concert (17.11.2006):

A good 15-minute delay in a well-lit hall called to the bar for a beer. And though it wasn't Laško, we somehow survived.
When our guys walked on stage, the crowd went crazy. I can't remember the last time we had seen such an atmosphere. Velenje rocks! People there are not ashamed of crying it out and show their emotions. The joy could be felt all up to the sky. I said to myself "YES, today we are among our equals. The Velenje hall echoed in excitement and the sound was better than ever. Strong and loud. Waaaaa orgasm for our ears! I forgot all about my beer as the rhythm didn't allow me to stand still. Nope, I am no log, especially when I tune myself to Siddharta energy. The guys were in a terribly good mood and one could well feel the energy flow from the fingers on their instruments and the souls in the crowd. Yes, the connection between Siddharta and the audience was infinite. I couldn't help thinking of a statement Todd, the guitarist of Juliette and The Liks once made. He said that days on stage when performing to an audience that truly feels you, are sometimes better than sex.
Benko surprised us all with an unforeseen cry in the middle of the gig: ARIVVVA ANDREEEEEEEE! Yes, Speedy Gonzales.. Sunshine was definitely in a great mood. It was an interesting look that Tomi and Jani gave in his direction.
Yes, definitely one hell of a concert!
But as all good things, this one too had to come to its end. But the guys when thanking the audience for coming to see them perform told us to wait a while for they would be joining us later for a beer or two. And although the security guys gave us a scary look, a good share of the crowd lingered to await our idols' arrival.
We kept at a distance as we'd had many a chance to talk to the band, while there were numerous fans who waited persistently for an autograph and to get their pictures taken with the band. (text by Maja, translation by Nika)

Maribor concert (6.10.2006):

Expectations – marked by running around looking for tickets way too early, well it can happen... But as long as we got them in time. And perhaps (some of us) forgot to take them when leaving home... The day of the concert, or better yet the evening. Full moon shone over Maribor. Perfect for Siddharta. The hall rumbled with the sound of Tide, the opening act. We could feel the energy in the sound coming through the walls of the hall. I thought "It's gonna shake tonight!" We entered the hall but had to leave the bottle of water behind. A few minutes' waiting, shortened by excitement. The band walked on stage, the train had a short delay. Tomi's vocal emphasised with Jani's echos... Jani, respect! This was the concert's first surprise. =) The music.. it would be impossible not to go entirely with the flow but still my eyes wandered the hall, pausing on a little boy, arms stretched in rock salutation. So I guess even the little ones can go with it. The lights in the hall exchanging by the rhythm of the music. The feeling when you can simply think off the rest of the world and just enjoy are in a word indescribable. Gnan! A smile on my face. It was the first time for me to hear it performed live. Little surprises from the older albums drove the performance of Petrolea to perfection. Siddharta! One could see it in the reactions of those under the stage too. Everyone tried to find their place under the sun.. oops, I mean under the stage. As close as possible to the band, who put all their energy into their electronic and a little less electronic thingies. The silence during Od Višine Se Zvrti was anything but silent. Bad fans! =) Tomi knew as always what worked for a crowd, in this case it was Petrolea and Maribor. TOMAŽ... hidden behind the others. He simply knows his way around the keys! BOŠTJAN... no drums no rhythm! Is it just me or does he really seem as if he were plugged into something? JANI... the echo and being in total control of the bass and the crowd beneath... I am speechless. TOMI... the words, those sung and those in between to calm us a bit... unforgettable... I suppose it was only then that I really got to understand Tria. PRIMOŽ... the hat and the guitar, his carefree walk on stage.. no reason for any mistakes. CENE... and the sax. A particularity, perhaps a trademark? What else is there to say? The word UNFORGETTABLE screams from the inside! No doubt about that, especially after the backstage experience. New memories, new faces, huge bodyguards... all these are just pieces of that day's puzzle. But there is one piece always missing and it's name is TO BE CONTINUED. 3 words for the end: IT DID SHAKE! (text by Katja, translation by Nika)

Ljubljana Castle concert (31.08.2006):

It was about 9:15 PM up at Ljubljana Castle when we heard the sound of an approaching train. In fact it was not a real train but the intro into track #4 off Siddharta's latest album Petrolea. All of us fans were impatiently awaiting the arrival of the band. And there they were, soon after the intro started and played Mr. Q. The crowd of 1,400 went wild. The long-awaited tour had just begun! After the first song performed we heard Ring off the Rh- album, which warmed the crowd even more. Second song over, the crowd interrupted the band's program by singing Boštjan Happy Birthday - it was his birthday the previous day. The drummer was surprised alright! The energetic Ohm followed, the first off the new album. T.H.O.R. followed and after it Domine, the last Petrolea single, for which they shot the video that same week. Next up was Il A Modras, while after it Tomi's voice announced the next one was "to go wild" – it was Napoj (Insane). It was a jumpy one indeed (:D) so the next one, Rave, an Rh- single, slowed down the pace a bit. The calm intro into Neznano followed »Di-di-di-dim na-ad, belo rjuho se vali…« The calm atmosphere continued into Samo Edini but changed drastically when B Mashina was heard. Next up was Plastika – the song for all who hate the band, as Tomi said. We were all surprised to hear by the next one, the only song from the ID album: Crnobelo. Another fine masterpiece of Tomi's followed: Disco Deluxe and after it the Rooskie-Brezokoff conglomerate. Just before the short break we heard the beautiful ballad, last off Petrolea: Male Roke. After the break it was the likable Neon, followed by the song about the rich with their loads of money and the poor with none: Homo Carnula. The end of the world? No, but it was apocalypse that came up next. Apokalipsa, followed by Gnan, complete with its wonderful jazzy part, perfect to admire Cene on his sax. To end it all was another ballad, the beautiful Tria. (text by Alex, translation by Nika)