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a fan page devoted to SIDDHARTA  

This page is for those who support the work of SIDDHARTA with their heart and soul and who follow the motto of "Ni sile, denarja, in ni ga vladarja, ki bi nas ustavil in zamenjal obraz" or in other words: "Nothing can stop us!"

Unofficial SIDDHARTA materials database
We've been piling up all we could lay our hands on and had to do with the band in some way or another for ages. Having piled up so much, we've decided to put together this website to be able to share the lot with others.

If you have any materials on the subject lying around, please feel free to e-mail us. Scanned articles, interviews, videos, links, etc. are all more than welcome. The materials will be checked and unless they are against the copyright law, they will be added to the page.

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